Our team of Litigation and Arbitration lawyers intervenes in all areas of business litigation and represents its clients before the French courts and arbitration bodies.

Business Litigation

LERINS & BCW assists French and international companies and their executives in all of their business law disputes in the preventive phase (mediation, conciliation, etc.) and in pre-litigation and litigation negotiation, from the development of strategy and argumentation up to representation before the French courts.


LERINS & BCW intervenes in domestic and international arbitration proceedings either as a lawyer for its clients or as an arbitrator.

Its thorough knowledge of arbitration procedures and its multidisciplinary expertise enable it to effectively represent its French and foreign clients in ad hoc arbitrations as well as before the main arbitration institutions, particularly the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), The International Arbitration Chamber of Paris (IACP), the Maritime Arbitration Chamber of Paris (MACP) and the French Arbitration Association (FAA).

LERINS & BCW also intervenes in mediation procedures, particularly those of the Mediation and Arbitration Chamber of Paris (MACP).

Litigation and Arbitration: our areas of focus

  • Pre-litigation assistance
  • Mediation
  • Unfair competition
  • Commercial contract litigation
  • Banking Law Litigation
  • Insurance litigation
  • Stock exchange litigation (AMF)
  • Conflicts between partners
  • Post-acquisition company conflicts (liability and bank guarantees)
  • Commercial agent distribution litigation
  • Real estate law litigation
  • Medical law litigation
  • Industrial risk and defective product litigation
  • Intellectual property and copyright litigation
  • International trade and transport law litigation
  • Insolvency procedures litigation
  • Criminal business law litigation
  • Inheritance litigation
  • Interim measures and enforcement procedures
  • Foreclosures
  • Internal and international arbitration

Litigation and Arbitration: our clients

  • Large French and international groups
  • French and foreign SMEs and Mid-caps, Start-ups
  • Banks
  • Insurance companies, insurance agents and brokers
  • Executives / shareholders
  • Family groups
  • High net-worth individuals
  • Joint venture partners


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