Our team of Contract Law lawyers assists its clients in the setting up and evolution of their activities’ contractual framework.

LERINS & BCW meets the needs of companies for contractual framework of their activity in all economic sectors, including:

  • Industry (machine tools, electronic components, industrial units)
  • Distribution and import/export (mass distribution, commercial agency, exclusive distribution and franchising)
  • Computers and new technologies (software, websites, managed services)
  • Agribusiness (raw and live products)
  • Transport and logistics (raw materials, artworks)
  • Real estate (real estate promotion and construction, commercial leases)
  • Health
  • Energy
  • Services
  • Banking establishments
  • Cosmetics

LERINS & BCW intervenes in the definition of contractual strategy, the negotiation and drafting of contracts, their proper execution, their resolution and also to prevent litigation and, when necessary, to deal with it.

LERINS & BCW’s experience and its perfect knowledge of its clients’ economic, competitive and technical situations guarantees the relevance of its advise and the security of the contractual tools it specifically elaborates for each of them. LERINS & BCW is recognized for its business expertise in the activity sectors in which it intervenes and for its comprehension of its clients’ business stakes and issues.

Contract Law: our areas of intervention

  • Sales or purchasing of merchandise or services contracts
  • Sales or purchasing Terms and Conditions
  • Commercial co-operation and distribution contracts
  • Supply contracts
  • Distribution, commercial agent and franchise contracts
  • Licensing, transfer of copyright or assignment of industrial property contracts
  • Technology transfer contracts
  • IT contracts
  • Technical co-operation contracts
  • Turnkey installation sales contracts
  • Asset sureties and guarantee contracts
  • Public market contracts
  • Commercial lease contracts
  • Advertizing and sales promotion contracts
  • Leasing contracts
  • Patronage and sponsoring contracts
  • Loans, demand guarantees and asset and liability guarantee contracts
  • Cash sweep contracts (cash pooling)
  • Intra-group contracts

Contract Law: our clients

  • Large French and international groups
  • French and foreign SMEs and Mid-caps
  • Executives / shareholders
  • Foreign banks
  • Family groups
  • Start-ups
  • Investment funds
  • Joint venture partnerships


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